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Our clients

Our clients come from diverse backgrounds but all share a story of success. We provide a spectrum of advice, from the flexibility of 'Execution-only' service for wholesale and institutional clients, to the dedicated attention of Comprehensive Advice.

We cater to the diverse needs of our clients by providing a spectrum of advice.

Case studies 1
Case studies 1

Finding time to manage my finances was difficult.

Since becoming a partner, I had less time to manage my finances and plan for my future. I can rely on my private bank to manage my daily banking, and also develop and implement strategies that will help grow my wealth.

Case studies 2
Case studies 2

My Private Banker understands me

Being a doctor is rewarding but also demanding. Finding time to manage my wealth is difficult. My banker ensures my banking needs are taken care of and the investment specialists source opportunities.

Case studies 3
Case studies 3

I’m lucky to be with a bank that truly cares

I loved owning my own business. I never considered retirement. My Private banker made the transition easy. She was there every step of the way, put me in touch with specialists and looked at my options to protect and grow my wealth.

Case studies 4
Case studies 4

I'm a seasoned investor, and want access to exclusivity

As an executive for a global corporation I’m often overseas, missing key local insights on investments. My bank gives me access to a team of specialists who provide exclusive information and investments opportunities.

Are you getting what you need from your private bank? Contact us

Tailor your experience

We recognise that it is important to customise what we offer to clients and how we deliver our services. We tailor our approach to provide advice in the way that best suits our clients. Whether you are an experienced investor or someone who is looking for a trusted adviser to provide comprehensive advice, we can cater to your preferences.

Are you getting what you need from your private bank? Contact us

What we do

What we do


  • Local Expertise
  • Banking Services
  • Advice On Your Terms
  • Investment Opportunitites
  • Insights

    Relevant, Timely, Accessible

  • Financial Advice

    Financial Advice

    • Financial advice
    • Retirement planning
    • Lending and gearing
    • Business succession planning
    • Expatriate and cross-border

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  • Specialist Advice

    Specialist Advice

    • Wealth and estate transfer
    • Tax advisory and structuring
    • Super and SMSF strategy
    • Philanthropic services

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  • Education & Networking

    Education & Networking

    • HNW-interest forums
    • Davidson Institute courses

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  • Everyday Banking

    Everyday Banking

    • Branch/ATM access
    • Online and mobile banking
    • Premium packages and bundles
    • Cheque accounts

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  • Savings


    • SENSE accounts, Incentive Saver
    • MaxiSavers, Term deposits
    • Foreign currency accounts

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  • Credit Cards

    Credit Cards

    • Low interest/fee cards
    • Reward cards

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  • Lending


    • Home/Personal/Margin loans
    • Fixed and/or variable

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  • Business Banking

    Business Banking

    • Business accounts
    • Business loans
    • Equipment finance

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  • Risk Protection

    Risk Protection

    • TPD, income protection
    • Life and trauma insurance
    • Home and contents

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  • Comprehensive advice

    Comprehensive advice

    'I need a complete assessment of my financial situation and help with managing my wealth'

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  • Issue-specific advice

    Issue-specific advice

    'Help me understand specific parts of my wealth and discuss options'

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  • General advice

    General advice

    'Connect me to an investment universe'

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  • Self directed

    Self directed

    'I choose my own investments'

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  • Super


    • Savings
    • Transition to retirement
    • Retirement
    • Corporate super

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  • Real Estate

    Real Estate

    • Wholesale funds
    • Direct industrial

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  • Foreign Exchange

    Foreign Exchange

    • Hedging Products
    • FX Investment
    • Dual currency

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  • Equity


    • Wholesale funds
    • Private equity
    • Discretionary portfolios
    • Markets desk
    • Online investing

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  • Cash, Credit & Yield

    Cash, Credit & Yield

    • Term deposits
    • Wholesale bonds
    • Credit/Inflation-linked
    • Hybrids

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  • Private Wealth Investment Team

    Private Wealth Investment Team

    • Perspectives from the Chief Investment Director
    • Investment thematics
    • Invitations to briefings
    • HNW investor sentiment indicator
    • Due diligence reporting

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  • Economic Research

    Economic Research

    • Economic research
    • Market insights
    • eQR - equities research

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  • Institutional Research

    Institutional Research

    • WIB IQ
    • FX news
    • Institutional insights

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Our team

Each client has a dedicated Private Banker, supported by an Associate Private Banker, Investment specialist, Private Office Services team, strategic wealth adviser and Lending specialist. Our extensive network of market-leading specialists will work together to give you access to the right people at the right time.


Are you getting what you need from your private bank? Contact us


At St.George Private, we pride ourselves on our delivery of thought leadership focusing on global and local investment thematics.

Our exclusive and relevant insights include monthly perspectives, biannual client publications, seminars and special interest sessions

At St.George Private, we pride ourselves on our delivery of thought leadership focusing on global and local investment thematics.

Quarterly thematic
Quarterly thematic

Quarterly thematic

Chief Investment Director, George Toubia, provides exclusive insights to global and domestic investment trends.

View example
Horizons Magazine
Horizons Magazine

Horizons Magazine

Our client magazine is published twice a year and shares with our clients some key insights on the Australian and global economy and stories of successful Australians.

View example
HNW investor sentiment report
HNW investor sentiment report

HNW investor sentiment report

As part of our commitment to developing a deeper understanding of high net worth (HNW) individuals, we produce a HNW investor sentiment report on a quarterly basis.

View Example
Perspective report
Perspective report

Perspective report

In this monthly publication our Chief Investment Director provides insights to global and domestic investment trends.

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Looking for insights into how global market trends can impact your wealth creation? Contact us

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Contact details

  • Josephine Hanna (Director NSW)
    +61 478 322 619
  • Rob Foot (Director NSW)
    +61 466 316 258
  • James Blackshaw (State Director, QLD)
    +61 407 618 739
  • Eugene Hartmann (Director WA)
    +61 408 259 912
  • Address:
    Tower Two, International Towers Sydney,
    200 Barangaroo Avenue, Barangaroo NSW 2000
  • Address:
    Level 12, 1 Eagle St,
    Brisbane QLD 4000
  • Address:
    Level 1, 167 St Georges Terrace,
    Perth WA 6000

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